The best stories are the ones that seem to write themselves. And that is exactly where I’ve found myself.

If you were to ask, Hey B! How long is this piece going to be? I would have no idea what to tell you. The goal is to write as much as I need to until the story is told…and then go in and edit like crazy. If I had to guess where I’m headed, I’d say I’ll end up around the 70-80k mark. I’m over 11,000 words in and only just begun to really crack the surface of my protagonist.

Over the years, I’ve always sat down to write snippets of stories. Scenes I’ve seen in my head or dreamt in my sleep. This is the first time in over a decade I have hit the 10,000 word mark. And amazingly, Ivy’s story is coming as easy as breathing. [This story is completely unrelated to Charlie and Penn from previous posts who are currently tabled.]

This has never happened.


So I’m going with it. My biggest challenge seems to be finding enough hours in the day to allow the floodgates to open and get everything locked away in my head and heart onto paper. It’s making for a lot of late nights and copious amounts of caffeine in the morning. I’m hoping I can get the main events of the arc leveled out soon so I can focus more on the details and fine tune this storyline.

In other news…I kicked off my author page on Facebook and had my very first fan join. [Hi Dawn!] Much to my surprise, it wasn’t my husband or someone I know in real life–because honestly, they have no idea the page currently exists. She tracked me down through Scribo. I can only presume she read the short story I posted last week and wanted to keep tabs on any future endeavors. I’d like to think she’s ahead of the curve for great things to come. And if you’re reading this, that must mean you are, too. 

So congratulations, and welcome to the madness. 

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