Whirlwind of a Week

This has been nothing short of a whirlwind.

Last Sunday, I hit the publish button on Amazon and Draft2Digital with absolutely NO idea of what to expect. I mean, I expected to sell one copy. To my mom. Because she’s obligated to buy and read and essentially love every thing I do in life. But I said all along, anything beyond that one copy was just gravy.

And holy shit, you guys. My cup runneth over with gravy. (Which is kind of gross because I can’t stand gravy, but I digress.)

The sheer number of copies sold completely baffles me. Me. A no name, debut author, had people buy her book. And not only are they buying it…but they’re actually reading it! From reviews to emails to messages to tweets, thank you so much for the incredible outpour of positive feedback. It gives me a serious case of the mushies and gets me excited for the first installment.

Last night I was laying in bed telling my husband that my book, my precious baby that I have worked so hard for over the past 16 months, is completely in the hands of strangers. And they are sitting in their homes, (hopefully) devouring my words, and on some level…judging me. I mean, I knew that was part of the process, but it’s not like I can invite myself into their homes and explain my thought process and logic behind the characters’ actions. Although, that would be hella cool if I could.

But instead I sit back and hold my breath, hoping that you, the reader, enjoys this little piece of my heart and soul. Hoping that you understand what I’m after in those pages. Hoping that somewhere in those roughly 80,000 words you find just one sentence that hits you and stays with you for a while like the after effects of a perfect bear hug with someone you love.

Because when that happens, I know I have succeed as a writer.

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