Love Nouveau On Sale for a Limited Time!

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Don’t miss your chance to meet Phoenix Wolfe! Love Nouveau is on sale for a limited time!

“A poignant story of the importance of self-acceptance, Love Nouveau paints a hauntingly beautiful picture of experiencing true love for the first time …” –Bestselling author, L.B. Simmons

“Devastation, destruction, humor and adoration. Love Nouveau captures this in a beautifully written story of finding love after being broken.” –Erycka Thesing, blogger for Chicks Controlled by Books

“This book… this book had my stomach twisted, my heart racing and my emotions all over the place.” -Jennifer M., Schmexy Girl Book Blog

“This story was beautifully hand crafted into a work of art. BL Berry knocked this out the park.” -Trish Mint, Schmexy Girl Book Blog

“You never know what to expect when you try out a new author, but B.L. Berry doesn’t disappoint. This story is both attention grabbing and beautifully written. It had a great mix of humor, pain, and heartwarming moments.” -Sara, Judging Books By Their Covers

“This isn’t just another love story. It isn’t pretty, it isn’t all wrapped up with a tidy bow. Love Nouveau is different, unique, and what we’ve all been waiting for. Trust me, this author is one to watch!” -Reading Addiction

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