Late Night Thoughtless Thoughts

I’m not web savvy at all, but I wish I were less savvy so I could justify hiring a web guru to help me iron out a few kinks. My stubbornness runs strong.

There really needs to be a web tutorial called “How to setup an email account with your own web domain for dummies” because home fry here can’t figure it out.

I already know what I want for the cover of a book I want to write two books from now.

I also already know the dedication for a book I only have 1,500 words for. The dedication alone is epic and worth the price of entry. Trust me.

I am massively overwhelmed by the amount of love the sale for An Unforgivable Love Story generated. I can’t thank you guys enough.

I don’t remember the last time I logged onto GoodReads.

Why did I just divert from this and go down the rabbit hole of GoodReads?! I need a hug. And a donut. And maybe an open-palmed slap for being such a masochist. I also want to kiss Bridgett for her awesome review and for putting me on a shelf titled “Buy Paperback.”  I’m sure if I actually tried to kiss her, there’d be a restraining order against me pretty quickly. Because anyone named Bridgett with two T’s inevitably runs with a kick ass tribe of chicks who look out for each other. Nevertheless … I sorta kinda, love you for your kind words.

Tonight is the last night our littlest is in a “little” bed. We’ve got the big kid bed to put together in the morning. I’m getting all emotional and I’m writing a book about a pregnant chick and I think I’m getting something in my eye just thinking about how quickly life can change over such a short period of time and how tomorrow I’m going to wake up and be sending this kid off to college!

What’s the over/under on my ovaries exploding and me wanting another baby before this book releases? Don’t tell that to my husband.

I could document my own life story.

I could title it … Desperately Seeking Sperm.

No. On second thought, that’s a terrible idea. Somehow it would be horribly misconstrued as porn.

And I’m not sure how I’d explain that one to my family.

I should really be writing. Writing writing. Not blog writing. Perhaps I’ll try that again tomorrow.

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