Podcast: The Making of an Audiobook


Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Andrea Emmes, narrator of Love Nouveau, and Talking Audiobooks podcast host, Casey Trowbridge. It was such an awesome and memorable experience delving into the evolution of the Love Nouveau audiobook — and not just because I recorded the interview mid-storm where we lost power and had a crying child come crawling into the room mid-conversation.

But over the course of the podcast, we talk about everything from my creative process to the evolution of the book, to how Andrea and I decided to work together and more. If you’ve ever had an iota of curiosity into what all goes on in the making of an audiobook, you won’t want to miss this podcast!

Andrea, as always, slays everything she does. I am so fortunate to have worked with her and even in podcast mode, she doesn’t disappoint. And then you had our incredible host Casey. He isn’t what you’d call a connoisseur of romance by any means; though much to his surprise, he quite enjoyed the book. And you can’t forget the man behind the curtain in production, Ken. He was whip-smart and interjected comical commentary throughout (though I’m sure he’ll edit himself out of the final edit). I can’t thank the three of them enough for this fantastic opportunity.

For those of you who don’t know, Love Nouveau was my debut novel back in 2014. And readers still have a lot of heart for these characters. Ultimately they were driving force that prompted me to put out a call for auditions (and you’ll be excited to hear a lil’ announcement about Love Abstract). So I think anyone who enjoys Ivy and Phoenix’s unconventional love story will really enjoy this podcast!

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