10 Questions with Stephanie Rose

I want to try something fun and a little different on my blog to help spread the indie love. So from here to forth, I dub this feature TEN QUESTIONS WITH …

Original. Right?

I wanted Between the Ferns, but Zach Galifian-however its spelled, snagged that from me a few years ago. Sigh.

But there’s no better place to start this new feature than with one of my absolute favorite writers and all around human beings … who sadly lives what all too far away from me. And until we can figure out how to physically move either the state of Kansas or the state of New York, you can find us swimming in daily texts, inappropriate jokes and counting down the days until we’ll be reunited once again…

Here are ten questions with the one and only, Stephanie Rose.

Seriously. How cute (and ridiculous) are we? And yes, I know I’m clearly not using the selfie stick properly.
  1. If you could choose any other name to write under, what name would you pick and why? 
    • That’s a tough one. I wish my pen name was a smidge closer to my real name, but after almost two years I’ve learned to answer to to it, most of the time.
  2. Let’s play a game of Screw – Marry – Kill with some of my favorite book boyfriends you’ve written. What would you do with Nick, Evan and Lucas? And yeah … I realize this entire proposition is a crime.
    • Marry Evan for sure (and he’s based on my husband so I guess I kind of did). Screw Lucas since he’s the dirtiest of all my boys. That means I’d have to kill Nick though and I can’t do that. Plus, he’s got some good moves, too. Can I get away with two screws and a marry?
  3. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever worn?
    • I can blame my mother on this one. She bought my school uniform skirt too long, and never thought to hem it. Therefore, my skirt was almost at my ankle, longer than some of the nuns that taught us. I do have pics but they’re too painful to look at.
  4. What is the creepiest thing you could say to a hot stranger you pass on the street?
    • If I pass a hot stranger, I forget how to speak. I stare, think things like nice arms or thank you God for tailored black pants,  my thoughts are creepy but anxiety and awkwardness protects me from actually saying them out loud. Let’s hope that stays in check.
  5. What projects are you currently working on?
    • I have two at the moment. I’m finishing the first draft of Rewrite, my first pure standalone novel after the Second Chances series. It’s a best friends to lovers story with a lot of twists along the way. After that, I’m working on a short story for the Begin Again anthology for Suicide Prevention set to release next January. It’s about Jack Jr. from After You. His story won’t go beyond that, but you’ll get a glimpse into someone else’s story that’s coming later on in 2018 🙂
  6. In your opinion, what is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” not including Christmas?
    • My birthday. As you of all people know, it’s my very favorite day of the year. I guess I like a day where I get to hear from all my friends and family and feel like I can do whatever I want the whole day. Even though this year I’ll be 40, I’ll still enjoy every single second like I always have.
  7. What is your absolute favorite insult?
    • “Go get your shinebox.” From Goodfellas. My friends and I love saying it back and forth. You need to watch the scene to know how glorious it is.
  8. What would you try if you knew you wouldn’t fail?
    • Maybe write in a completely different genre, like a mystery or sci-fi. Something way out of my comfort zone.
  9. If you had to go shark diving, bungee jumping or sky diving, which would you do?
    • Okay, here is my logic with this. Shark diving, saw Jaws too many times so yeah, no. Bungee jumping, I have a trick knee that could pop so, again, no. I’d have to say skydiving because even though I may fall to my death, my knee would most likely stay in place. Silly isn’t it?
  10. If you could tell any new reader anything about your books, what would you want them to know?
    • I like writing good guys. Granted, they aren’t perfect. Josh from my WIP is a perfect example, but they’re all REAL. I think showing how amazing a good, real guy could be is something you can take away from all of my books. Granted, I love a good alpha a-hole, but this is my lot in this author life (so far anyway).
To learn more about Stephanie Rose check her out over here, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And don’t miss any of her amazeballs books over on Amazon, where you can read for Free on Kindle Unlimited!
Interested in having 10 Questions Feature? Know an author you’d love to ask ridiculous questions to? Let me know in the comments below or shoot me a message!

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