10 Questions with Stephie Walls

11230216_1649291378662437_1661557845932959984_nSTORY TIME!!!

Once upon a time in this little town of Savannah, Georgia, during an epic storm that caused flooding worthy of an ark, I met this awesome, badass chick named Stephie.

As much as I’d love to say I shared an umbrella with her as we splashed through the rain, waxing poetic about all the book boyfriends we love, the truth is I simply annoyed her into submission with my selfie stick. It was the 2015 Sassy in Savannah signing and unlucky for her (and lucky for me) she was sitting right behind me with Leigh Ann Lunsford. At least I’m pretty sure it was Leigh Ann Lunsford, but I digress. On more occasions than I can count, I’d pop my head through the banners and do a surprise photo shoot. But Stephie, being the rockstar that she is, smiled every freakin’ time (as evidenced above).

Upon submitting to my friendship, I quickly devoured all that she had written. And let me tell you … this chick and write like a mofo. And she writes ALL OF THE GOD DAMNED FEELS. Ugh. You want to cry? Read Stephie. You want to get angry? Read Stephie. And now, with her latest release Girl Crush, you want to laugh? Read Stephie.

What’s the moral of the story? Never trust a girl with a selfie stick … because you won’t ever be able to get rid of her. 😉 And also, you need to be reading Stephie Walls.

Read on for Ten Questions with the the woman who succumbed to my stick … my selfie stick, ya perv.

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10 Questions with Leddy Harper

20643520_788456781357050_1618150642484063308_oIn this episode of TEN QUESTIONS WITH … we have the glorious, the snarky, the sauciest broad of all … the incomparable Leddy Harper.

A few months ago, she had asked begged me to be a leg model for the cover of her latest release, I Do(n’t), but I was concerned that people would be deterred by the massive “I LOVE LEDDY” tattoo that wraps around my inner thigh and down to my knee cap. So I had to politely decline. 

What can I say? Sometimes the fan girl just gets away from itself. 

But enough about me and my girl crush, because if I continue to wax poetic this chick is gonna serve me with a restraining order. So without further ado … I present you with, TEN QUESTIONS WITH LEDDY HARPER!!! 


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10 Questions with Stephanie Rose

I want to try something fun and a little different on my blog to help spread the indie love. So from here to forth, I dub this feature TEN QUESTIONS WITH …

Original. Right?

I wanted Between the Ferns, but Zach Galifian-however its spelled, snagged that from me a few years ago. Sigh.

But there’s no better place to start this new feature than with one of my absolute favorite writers and all around human beings … who sadly lives what all too far away from me. And until we can figure out how to physically move either the state of Kansas or the state of New York, you can find us swimming in daily texts, inappropriate jokes and counting down the days until we’ll be reunited once again…

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