10 Questions with Leddy Harper

20643520_788456781357050_1618150642484063308_oIn this episode of TEN QUESTIONS WITH … we have the glorious, the snarky, the sauciest broad of all … the incomparable Leddy Harper.

A few months ago, she had asked begged me to be a leg model for the cover of her latest release, I Do(n’t), but I was concerned that people would be deterred by the massive “I LOVE LEDDY” tattoo that wraps around my inner thigh and down to my knee cap. So I had to politely decline. 

What can I say? Sometimes the fan girl just gets away from itself. 

But enough about me and my girl crush, because if I continue to wax poetic this chick is gonna serve me with a restraining order. So without further ado … I present you with, TEN QUESTIONS WITH LEDDY HARPER!!! 


1. What was the inspiration behind your latest release, I Do{n’t}?
  • One of my most favorite tropes in books is the whole waking up in Vegas idea. So there’s that. I also am a HUGE reality TV junkie, so one night, after watching You Are the One on MTV, the idea came to me, which mixed Vegas and reality dating shows. 
2. Who, or what, are you a “closet fan” of?
  • I’d say reality TV…but that’s not really a “closet” obsession…I mean, most of my characters are named after Teen Mom kids. So I guess I’d have to say MM romance books. But I’m picky about them…they have to be done right, which is probably why I don’t talk about it too much, bc it’s not all MM books. Oh and mustard…I love mustard.
3. If cheese weren’t called “cheese,” what would it be called?
  • Orange fat…unless its shaved parmesan cheese, then it’d be called shavings of heaven.
4. If you could co-write with any author, who would you work with and what would you want to write about?
  • I would write with Amy Harmon bc she’s my hero, but I prob wouldn’t write much. I’d do nothing but breathe into a paper bag to keep from hyperventilating. So that idea wouldn’t work. Next would be Aly Martinez, bc she has perfected the art of writing about real life issues without the need to drown the reader in depression. Although, she’d prob kick me to the curb bc I wouldn’t stop asking questions in my plight to learn from the master. So that idea wouldn’t work out either. I guess I’d have to say Stephie Walls. Although…not sure how much writing would get done. I’m sure we’d be stellar at drinking wine and coming up with a crap-load of ideas. And if any of these co-authored books come to fruition, it’d prob end up being a suspense about an author who smothers her co-author for being annoyingly awkward. The end.
5. What is one thing you can’t live without?
  • Lemons. Figure that one out. (ok fine…I’ll tell you. I love lemon in my water. Only way I can drink it. But I’m sure it would’ve sounded far better had I said “when life hands you lemons…” Maybe I’ll answer that way the next time. Ask me again later).
6. If you could go back and rewrite any scene from any of your books, which one would you redo?
  • I wouldn’t. Why? Oh, I’ll tell you why. I went back through an old book to “clean it up” and ended up spending 8 months completely rewriting it. That is something I never care to do again. Worse than writing a new book from beginning to end. So no, I would never rewrite a scene, bc if I did, it wouldn’t stop there, and I’d end up with a whole new book in the end. 
7. If you could date any 80’s movie hero in real life, who would you pluck from the silver screen and drop into your bed?
  • Wait…you mean like take him from the actual movie? Not the person he is today? (It’s an honest question…30 years could be the difference between Matthew McConaughey from The Wedding Planner and Matthew McConaughey from the Lincoln commercials!) If I’m taking someone from an 80s movie as is (well, in HD) I’d have to go with Patrick Swayze. Although I would take Bruce Willis then or now, and you better believe I’d yell out “yippy-ki-yay-motherf*cker” while riding his Die Hard…with a vengeance! 
8. If you could go back and tell “brand spankin’ new Author Leddy Harper” anything before she hit publish on her first book, what would you say?
  • I’d say “In 3 years, you won’t be on a list, you won’t make a ton of money, you won’t be part of the ‘it’ crowd…you’ll be stabbed in the back a couple times and you’ll be talked about from time to time. But you’ll have the most amazing friends you wouldn’t have met any other way. You will have an impact on a few people’s lives with your words, and they’ll tell you, and no matter how many messages you get, it’ll never get old…and yes, it will still make you get teary-eyed. You’ll have the time of your life. So do it…press publish and live your dream, even if it doesn’t come with the hopes you have, it will end up being worth so much more than a number on a list for one week. Oh…and your ass will be bigger too.”
9. What, if anything, have you ever re-gifted? Don’t worry, we won’t tell the giver or receiver. 😉
  • I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever re-gifted anything. I’m the world’s worst gift giver. I suck at remembering in time, so I’m always rushing to get something, so gifts are typically gift cards. So no re-gifting there.
10. If you could tell a new reader one thing about your books, what would you want them to know?
  • Read with an open mind. If not, you’ll hate it. But if you can put away your judgments and opinions long enough to get to the end, I promise you’ll enjoy the ride, and quite possibly, learn something new about other people.

If you haven’t picked up Leddy’s new release, I Do(n’t), run … do(n’t) walk … to Amazon and one click that sucker today! You can also read for free on Kindle Unlimited, and right now she’s slaying the Amazon top 100! But this ain’t your average Vegas story. It’s hilarious and adorable and will leave you smiling with every page turn. ❤ I promise you won’t regret it … in fact, you may end up with an oversized I LOVE LEDDY tattoo on your inner thigh as well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you … 

Interested in having a 10 Questions Feature? Know someone in the industry you’d love to ask ridiculous questions? Let me know!

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