The 12 Emotional Stages of a New Release – The Reader Edition

Being a reader and discovering one of your go to authors has a new release coming out is pretty much the greatest thing in the world, right?! Except we always seem to forget just how emotional the whole ordeal is … so let us take a moment to revisit the emotional journey of a new release …

The 12 Emotional Stages of a New Release — The Reader Edition.

STAGE 1: Your favorite author announces their upcoming release. Excitement with your fellow book worms commences.

giphy (3)

STAGE 2: Realization sets in that the new release isn’t actually being released for another seven months. And so you wait. And wait. And then wait some more.

giphy (4)

STAGE 3: ALAS!!!! IT’S FINALLY RELEASE DAY!!! And the ebook is more than the paperback, but you don’t care because when you #OneClickThatBitch you get INSTANT GRATIFICATION! So just SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, ONLINE RETAILER!!

giphy (5)

STAGE 4: You turn into a hermit and read all the things. Because ain’t nobody have time for interruptions and distractions. And you probably get irrationally angry when you have to pause to pee.

giphy (6)

STAGE 5: You shirk all responsibility. I mean, who cares about dirty laundry and piano lessons and work and making sure the kids are fed? DON’T THEY ALL REALIZE YOU HAVE A NEW BOOK TO READ?! Reality can wait.

giphy (7)

STAGE 6: You get to that one part in the book where you want to throw your kindle and break shit. The part where you message the author and chew them out. The part where you swear you’re not going to let these fictional characters own you. But they do. And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it, and you know it.

giphy (8)

STAGE 7: But then the author mends all the pieces of your shattered heart, you’re left an emotional mess amid a pile of tissues.

giphy (9)

STAGE 8: You don’t care that it’s two thirty in the morning, you can’t sleep until you finish the book. So you try to get comfortable and settle in for the last few chapters, BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS!!!

giphy (10)

STAGE 9: You’re finished reading. And you’re lost with what to do next. Because anything you do or read at this point will be a massive let down.

giphy (11)

STAGE 10: Self reflection. Thoughts of the book, the characters, the underlying message … all of it consumes you. You wish you could turn back time to unread the book, just so you can read it again for the very first time.


STAGE 11: You search for the perfect words to write the world’s greatest book review to post online because you want — no *need* — more people to read this book! Your review practically reads like a thank you note, or maybe even a love letter to the author. You want the world to know just how amazing this book was and you shamelessly gush over it to any willing listener.

giphy (12)

STAGE 12: You discover another favorite author has announced their upcoming release, and you willingly start the process all over again.

giphy (13)

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3 thoughts on “The 12 Emotional Stages of a New Release – The Reader Edition

    • Human anatomy and biology textbooks. 😉

      Seriously though … if your books AREN’T giving you this kind of reaction, you’re reading all the wrong things, my friend!

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