Like this? You’ll Love that!

Recently in my newsletter, I shared a few recommendations through a little list I called “Like This? You’ll Love That!” Since the feedback was so awesome, I wanted to share them here, along with a handful of others that weren’t included in my original list! Enjoy, my friends!

Do you follow celebrity relationships? Is your guilty pleasure watching TMZ and reading Hollywood gossip columns? If so, you are going to LOVE this sizzling romance about two famous friends and the summer that changed everything.

Do you like a good second chance romance? Or perhaps broken bad boys who are loyal to a fault? Or maybe you’re simply nostalgic for Hostess cupcakes? If so, you need to sink your teeth into this romance.

Do you enjoy hitting a home run when discovering a new friends to lovers story? What about a slow burn that makes your lady bits quiver in anticipation? You need this book. And while it’s not releasing until November 2nd, you must keep it on your radar.

Fans of Two Broke Girls and Friends and a glorious man bun, will absolutely LOVE this new release! It’s fun. It’s flirty. And it’ll make you smile.

Does the Sound of Music make your heart melt? Do you love all things Austen? Do single dads holding kids make you swoon? Then look no further than this romance that is sure to give you all the feels.

Like the movie Bad Moms? Ever fantasized about smacking the overzealous president of the PTA? Then you will freakin’ LOVE knowing you’re not alone with this book. (Only available for the next few days!)

Do you like wine? What about heart pounding scenes that get your libido racing? Then you are sure to love this sexy gem with a side of pinot noir.

Like the TV show Unreal? Fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will surely be smitten with this tale of skewed reality TV.

Do you miss your angst-ridden days of high school? What about finding that one single person you can open up to? While an old title, this book about sawdust and sunshine and saving yourself is one of my absolute favorites.

Is Bridget Jones one of your go to movie series when you need a pick me up? Have you ever had completely hilarious and irrational thoughts? Do you enjoy laughing? If so, you should grab this sucker.

That’s all for this edition of Like This? You’ll Love That! What books would you recommend?

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