10 Questions with Erica Cope

OH.MY.GOD. I am mortified. This post was scheduled to go live in JANUARY while I was traveling with the family. That’s like, FOREVER ago, people. And I have no idea why the schedule didn’t trigger. Ugh. I’m sorry for the delay, Erica!!! But I love this segment of 10 Questions and still want to share it with the world!!!

In this very special episode of Blossom, I mean 10 Questions, we have my fellow Kansas girl and YA author, Erica Cope. With novels in fantasy, paranormal and contemporary romance tropes, Erica lives a few hours south of me in the land where there are no Target runs, the only Starbucks brewing is the one being made in her kitchen coffee pot, and the town is known for one thing … Neewollah (nee-uh-wall-uh … that’s Halloween, backward).

I’m always excited to connect with local(ish) authors, so when Erica and I connected, I was tickled pink that she not only agreed to be my pal, but also that I could annoy her with these ten glorious questions. Especially since we both seem to be cheerleaders who never actually stopped cheering (my husband tells me this frequently).

35223587Let’s start at the very beginning. You have a new release out this week called Paper Flowers. Tell me, tell me, tell me!!! What’s it alllll about?! 

  • Paper Flowers is a coming of age romance with a touch of comedy. The story is about Cami Andrews as she attempts to use her usual tricks on new student Peyton Holmes to get him to become her boyfriend. Cami has a three-step plan to get boys to fall in love with her and it hasn’t failed her yet. Unfortunately for her, Peyton’s not falling for it at all. As Cami tries, and fails repeatedly, to earn Peyton’s love, her best friend Oliver is falling for another girl, which consequently awakens feelings inside her that she didn’t even know she had. Cami is frustrating, but quirky and sometimes she’s even quite funny. So even though you’ll want to slap her, you still root for her to fix her mistakes—and trust me, she makes a ton of them.

How long does it typically take you to write a book?

  • It honestly depends on my schedule. I used to be able to write two to three books a year but now that I’m working full-time at the local high school, coaching cheerleading and working on my master’s degree, I’m a little slower! I’d say about six to nine months is about average for me now.

If marshmallows weren’t called marshmallows, what would it be called?

  • Squishums. LOL

What are your must have writing treats?

  • COFFEE! Lots and lots of coffee! My favorite is a mocha latte, preferably from Starbucks, but I’ll drink it black in a pinch.

Do you ever base your characters off of people you know in real life? And if so, do they know they’re the character inspiration?

  • I’d say yes, a few of my side characters are loosely based on people I know but I only tell them a character is based on them if it’s flattering….LOL

Would you rather have free Wi-Fi where ever you go, or free coffee every morning (the good coffee, not the three-day old pot in the break room of the office because everyone is too lazy to change the filter)?

  • Definitely coffee if it’s good coffee! I’m basically Lorelai Gilmore when it comes to coffee.

Name an author (besides yourself) that you love that you wish more people would read.

  • Tammy Blackwell. She writes YA Fantasy/Paranormal and I LOVE her Timber Wolves trilogy. Plus she’s just an awesome person!

If you could have any superpower, what superpower would you want?

  • I’d want the ability to transport myself wherever I want in a blink of an eye. Mostly because I hate flying and driving anywhere takes forever.

How do you get out of a writing slump?

  • I read or craft. After I finish a book I usually have a hard time starting my next project. I have to make something artsy to clear my head before I can start on the next writing project. Last time I finished a novel I sewed six pillow covers and a table runner before I could focus on something new.

If you could tell a new reader one thing about your books, what would you want them to know?

  • Sometimes I’ll break your heart, but I promise to always put the pieces back together again. Oh, and I’ll definitely make you laugh at least once!


Want to learn more about Erica and her awesome books? Be sure pick up Paper Hearts and then stalk her on online!

Author Photo

Website: www.ericacope.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorEricaCope/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6883979.Erica_Cope

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Erica-Cope/e/B00BCBK7MC/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

Twitter: www.twitter.com/EricaCope3


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