Win a Kindle Oasis!

It’s giveaway time again for all of my awesome readers, followers, and fans! Up for grabs in this giveaway are not one, but TWO Kindle Oasis e-readers.

Follow me on BookBub for your chance to win a Kindle Oasis!The Oasis is especially awesome because not only is it water resistant (hello, pool and bathtub reading without consequence!) but also a high-res, 7″ inch screen, bluetooth connectivity, and integration with your audible account. Plus there’s SIX. WEEKS. OF. BATTERY. built right in!!! Thank you sweet baby Jesus!

In short … if you win, we should totally share this sucker! Because it’s insanely amazing. 😉

Want to win? SURE YOU DO! Just click here (or on the graphic) and follow me and some of your favorite romance authors (like Stephanie Rose and Piper Rayne — hey girls!!!) on BookBub. Each follow is one entry! Plus you can elect to sign up for our newsletters as bonus entries. Plus if you’re interested in other genres beyond romance, check them out, too! Be patient as the page loads as there’s a lot of traffic headed that way. Your romance authors are color-coded and I’m in brown!

Be sure to enter before the giveaway closes on 3/29! Good luck, everyone!

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