Common Mistakes and Ways New Authors Tend to Waste Money

Last October, the one and only Chelle Bliss shared a list of common mistakes and ways new authors tend to waste money on Facebook. She has been so gracious as to let me post this here for the world to read because let’s be honest … I couldn’t have said any of this better myself and it should be required reading for anyone looking to make the leap into the author world.

So if you’re a new author or are considering publishing a novel (or an established author looking for a refresher!), read this post, save it, read it a few more times, and then when you think you’re done memorizing it, give it a few more reads for good measure.

Common Mistakes and Ways New Authors Tend to Waste Money

By Chelle Bliss

This is just my opinion and not gospel. Nothing and no one is 100%

0.5 Believing everything other authors tell you

1. Buying exclusive cover photos

2. Hiring a PA

3. Not hiring a good editor

4. Not hiring a proofreader

5. Buying ISBN numbers

6. Hiring a pricey PR company

7. Not starting a newsletter before release

8. Not forming friendships with bloggers

9. Having their PA contact blogs & authors on their behalf

10. Forgetting every audience is different. What works for one author probably won’t work for you.

11. Not starting a LIKE page as early as possible

12. Not forming friendships with people (repeated)

13. Crazy pretty formatting that’ll eat your profits with Amazon delivery charges

common mistakes and ways new authors tend to waste money14. Expecting your 1 editor to catch EVERYTHING. Hire a proofreader.

15. Thinking people will want to read your book just because. Again… MAKE FRIENDS with EVERYONE. Real relationships, not just friend requests 

16. Expecting to sell thousands of copies and make your money back and more

17. Quitting your day job because you’re making money in KU

18. Not having a website

19. Complaining about sales and author world problems

20. Not preparing yourself to make NO money

21. Expecting only good reviews

22. Thinking 3 star reviews are bad – they aren’t

**23. Not reading this book first.

24. Don’t share your newsletter subscriber list with other authors
{Berry’s Note: Want to know why? Click here.

25. Don’t send an email every damn day

26. Not updating your website

27. Not using Goodreads

28. Saying “That doesn’t work.”

29. Saying “I don’t have time for that.”

30. Rushing to have an audiobook and do ‘profit share’ with a narrator. Just wait until you have a few grand to spend so it’s 100% yours

31. Rushing to call yourself a best selling author

32. Comparing your sales and rank to anyone else

33. Devaluing your work and thinking people will only pay 99¢ – you’re training your audience that is your worth

34. Putting the book on sale too soon after release

35. Attending signings and expecting to make $$ – not happening

36. Not updating your back matter with each release

37. Giving too much shit away

38. Not accepting your book WILL be pirated even if you never give out an ARC

39. Openly posting a pirate site along with a rant. Why not just give it away on all retailers at that point.

40. Expecting bookstores to order your books

41. Don’t waste money on swag, just buy a damn bookmark 

42. Having your friends beta read

43. Not having a professional cover designed

44. Not shortening your links 

45. Never respond to a bad review

46. Not buying teaser photos (don’t use images from Google)

We all make mistakes, but remember this is a business. Don’t waste your money and expect to make millions of dollars off the bat. Sales aren’t easy. If you’re not willing to possibly NEVER recover the money you’re spending to launch your book, don’t spend it.

Some people think it’s an EASY business, but it is NOT. Be ready to work MORE than ever and maybe make NOTHING.

To learn more about Chelle Bliss and her books, visit or find her on Facebook.

A huge thank you to Chelle for allowing me to repost this invaluable list of wisdom here. If you like this post, be sure to check out my Authors Helping Authors series on the blog and give me a follow on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

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