Swipe Right: Author Lessons from Tinder

Let me preface this post by saying, no … I am not on Tinder. Nor do I have any desire to take part in the shit show that is online dating. For those of you who brave those tumultuous waters, I bow down to you. My husband and I often joke about how screwed we’d both be if we had to navigate dating in this day and age. Therefore, he’s never allowed to leave.

Even still, there are lessons that we, as authors, can learn from Tinder. The idea of “Swipe Right” is so insanely relevant and obvious for authors, that we need to stop and take a moment to really appreciate the simplicity of it all.

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The Top 10 Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make When Publishing Your First Novel

Next week I’m giving a Marketing Talk at Romance GenreCon in Kansas City and I couldn’t be more excited! But one of the things that I noticed is that there are going to be a handful of debut authors in the audience. So to help put me in the right mindset, I’ve created this list of the Top 10 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make When Publishing Your First Novel.

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5 Podcasts That Will Make You A Smarter Indie Author

michaeldaleI make no secret that I’m a student of the industry. I’m always looking to learn more and get smarter, and the easiest way to do that is to simply observe those more successful than me.

Earlier this year, I really started to zero in on podcasts. I figured I may as well spend those 45 minutes during my daily commute to make myself smarter.

And let me tell you, I’ve listened to A TON. Some amazing. Some life changing. And some that make me wish I could “pull a Cher” and turn back time to invest those minutes somewhere else.

In the end, I firmly believe that these Podcasts have made me a smarter author, marketer, business woman, and human.

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7 Things You Need on your Author Website

It amazes me the number of authors who don’t have websites — or worse, have a website and do absolutely nothing with them. In this technology driven-era, it is imperative to have your own digital home beyond the realm of social media.

We are so reliant on Facebook and other social channels to carry our digital presence, and that’s a risky approach to take. Far too often have I seen authors land in “Facebook Jail” at critical times like release week or get completely banned from running ads.

But rather than wax poetic on the importance of having a website, I want to talk about some of the key elements you absolutely, positively, 120% HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE on your author domain (and yes … you want an actual, ownable domain).

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7 Types of Emails To Send to your Readers

In today’s edition of Authors Helping Authors, we’re chatting more about email … more specifically about the five types of emails you can (and should) be sending to your mailing list.

Don’t have a mailing list yet? Don’t worry. Everyone starts at the same place … zero. Check out this post that talks about list building strategies.

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Podcast: Will You Be Ready for the GDPR on May 25th?

Last week, Stephen Campbell of The Author Biz stumbled across my lil’ ole website and reached out to see if I’d be interested in chatting about the GDPR and Privacy Policies with him on an upcoming episode of The Author Biz Podcast. And because I’m a firm believer in shared knowledge and helping other authors, I obviously said “yes!”

I think one of the important things we do in this podcast is talk about the core rights that make up The GDPR, which ones will impact authors the most, and what you can do to prepare. Of course, neither of us are lawyers, so this episode is intended for general information and discusses what we’re doing to prepare.

The podcast just went live today and you can listen to the podcast on The Author Biz website. I’ve also been making loads of updates to my original blog post “What GDPR Means For Authors and Bloggers,” to include links on what third party vendors are doing for GDPR compliance.

Don’t miss my podcast breaking down the basics of GDPR with Stephen Campbell of The Author Biz. Just click on the image to head on over to the podcast.

If you think this GDPR stuff is helpful, check out my Authors Helping Authors series here on the blog covering everything from legit list-building strategies, pricing calculators and more.

10 Strategies to Build your Mailing List

There’s a lot of chatter going on about email, list growing, and the GDPR these days. With list building methods now needing official trails for compliance, I think it’s going to push authors to become more creative on how to grow their mailing list.

List building, in my experience, has been nothing short of mind numbing. But I want to take a moment to say don’t get discouraged if you don’t have many contacts on your mailing list. As long as your contacts are engaging with you–that means opening those emails and clicking inside them–you’re in good shape.

An engaged mailing list can truly be a powerful tool when it comes to release time. But the truth is, the size of your list isn’t as significant as the QUALITY of your list. It’s kinda like the old adage of it’s not the size of the wave, but the motion of the ocean.

Yeah. That. But with emails and not sex.

So in an effort to help us all find our own league of engaged readers who want to receive our newsletters, I’ve gathered together 10 list building strategies.

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Book Pricing Strategy: Royalty & Volume Calculators

Goal setting for my upcoming releases has been something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve never set any defined goals with my book launches and the prospect of putting tangible numbers against sales or a desired royalty is a little bit terrifying.

But it’s necessary so I can market my books correctly.

So I created some some calculators to help me with the big picture. And when it comes to the nifty lil’ author tools I create, what’s mine is yours!

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Learn to Love the Numbers

Pardon me, my inner nerd is about to show in glorious fanfare.

I love words. I love them so much I write them down in semi-sensical fashion in the hopes that someone will pick up one of my books and read it. And by some divine intervention, they do.

But you know what else I love? Numbers.

Numbers are usually terrifying, especially for people who love words, but over the past year I’ve taught myself to embrace the suck … and embrace the numbers.

Numbers are critical for goal setting. Analytics. Understanding your performance both present and historical.

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6 things I wish I had known before starting AMS ads

Lately I’ve been fielding a lot of questions when it comes to AMS ads. I’m no expert by any means, but I’ve become a student of the channel, done my homework, and the tricks I’ve implemented have worked for me thus far. And worked pretty well, at that.

So if you’re considering running AMS ads, or are currently running them with lackluster results, take a look here and see if these 6 tips help you make sense of it all.

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