Book Pricing Strategy: Royalty & Volume Calculators

Goal setting for my upcoming releases has been something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve never set any defined goals with my book launches and the prospect of putting tangible numbers against sales or a desired royalty is a little bit terrifying.

But it’s necessary so I can market my books correctly.

So I created some some calculators to help me with the big picture. And when it comes to the nifty lil’ author tools I create, what’s mine is yours!

random winona ryder GIF-downsizedAfter all, marketing is one giant math equation where X number of impressions will yield X  number of conversions will equal X amount of revenue. More on that on a rainy day since math typically makes my brain hurt much like this fabulous Winona gif.

But because math makes my brain hurt, I created these handy automatic calculators. And as I was been playing around with the numbers, I thought it could be helpful for anyone out there trying to decide on their pricing and marketing strategy.

I’ve uploaded my calculators to a sharable Google spreadsheet that you can either download OR play around with online. I have it set up two ways, and you only need to update the number highlighted in yellow to use.

  • First, you can set the number of books you want to sell and then the calculator will spit out the respective (US Marketplace) royalty at each varying price point between $0.99 and $10.00.
  • Second, you tell the calculator how much revenue you want to generate from your book sales. When you drop in that number, it will fill in the volume of books you would need to sell at each respective price point to achieve that total.

Sound easy to use? Because it is.

Go to the Calculator button

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below. And as with my Author Expense Tracker, feel free to download a copy of the calculator to your desktop. Check out the Authors Helping Authors series here on my website for helpful information on a variety of subjects like AMS ads, GDPR, Social Media Hacks and more.

5 thoughts on “Book Pricing Strategy: Royalty & Volume Calculators

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