Learn to Love the Numbers

Pardon me, my inner nerd is about to show in glorious fanfare.

I love words. I love them so much I write them down in semi-sensical fashion in the hopes that someone will pick up one of my books and read it. And by some divine intervention, they do.

But you know what else I love? Numbers.

Numbers are usually terrifying, especially for people who love words, but over the past year I’ve taught myself to embrace the suck … and embrace the numbers.

Numbers are critical for goal setting. Analytics. Understanding your performance both present and historical.

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Book+Main Author Fireside Chat

Updated March 12, 2018

Gather ’round author, dear author friends. Let’s chat about Book+Main for a few. I know many of you are wondering, I signed up for a Book+Main Author Account … now what?

Well, let me be one of the first to say, welcome to Book+Main, fellow author! We’re excited to have you onboard and look forward to getting your account verified.

If you haven’t already taken a few minutes to read through my How to Use Book+Main post, I would recommend doing that first to ground you in the below content. And I know that it’s long, but it’s worth the read if you’re considering the platform.

But before I start talking about the ins and outs and perks of being an author on Book+Main, there are a few very important things to keep in mind.

This isn’t Goodreads. It’s not Facebook. Nor is it Wattpad. And it’s certainly not Twitter either. It is not a place for giveaways and sale alerts. And all of this is a very good thing.

Trust me. 

We already have an abundance of channels to help us tout new releases and sales and giveaways and run ads and blog posts and trailers and blitzes and promotions and takeovers and live videos and signings and audiobooks and book tours and virtual parties and paperbacks and everything else our little author hearts can dream up. (Phew! That was a lot for one breath.)

But what we don’t have is a safe and unsaturated place, just for our little bibliophile selves to eat our hearts out and devour scenes and discover new and unknown books and authors without any preconceived notion.

23031463_458977547829710_7840311375626942871_nBut at the intersection of Book+Main (did ya see what I did there?!) is that exact utopia. It is a content-based platform, and your stories are at the heart of it all.

I like to think of Book+Main as a little digital library, sitting on a peaceful cloud, with readers browsing through an anonymous card catalog based on subjects, where they get to read snippets hand-selected by the authors themselves.

Book+Main will give you the opportunity to match up with prospective readers in an unbiased environment. As an author, you control the content that they see. You decide which metatags to leverage to help them find you. You determine how to put your best foot forward.

You don’t have to fight an ever-changing algorithm. And you don’t have to worry about getting lost in a sea of dredge. It’s simply you and a sea of readers, waiting to connect.

Sound like something that interests you? It should! So read on to learn more about becoming a Book+Main Author …

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How To Use Book+Main

23031463_458977547829710_7840311375626942871_nThe brand spankin’ new platform for bookworms, Book+Main, is finally live!! HOORAY! So now what?

For starters, it’s important to understand that the whole premise behind Book+Main is that authors are the content creators and the readers are the curators. There are no ads, no algorithms, and no spammy “BUY ME NOW!” posts. It was our founder’s vision to deliver stories in their purest form and get them in the hands of new readers. If that doesn’t excite your little book nerd heart, I’m not sure what will.

You’ve registered and logged in … and unsure of what it all means. There’s so much to discover, where do you even begin?

Well I’m here to help you make sense of this game-changing platform. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Book+Main is LIVE!


Guess what!? Book+Main, the brand new playground for authors and readers, is finally LIVE! Head on over and start exploring all of the content we’ve been loading! Share it! Like it! Comment! Search for new books! Discover new authors! One-click new books!

With more than 120 founding authors to explore, you’re going to love finding your next book to devour. You can search by trope, by author, and a ton of other criteria.

But the best part? This is only the beginning. There are big things to come in the Book+Main world, so you want to make sure you’re on board early to experience all it has to offer!

OH!, and we’re having ourselves a lil’ Facebook Launch Party with loads of fun giveaways. So join in on the action.

So head on over here, setup your account if you haven’t already, and then be sure to follow me! I’ve got some super fun excerpts in the fold and I’ll be loading never before seen excerpts soon!Follow BL Berry at Book+Main!

A huge congratulations to Mila Grayson, the brainchild behind this innovative new platform! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this awesome adventure!

We’ll that’s just awkward

This weekend is the Route 66 book signing down in Oklahoma City. Needless to say, I’m insanely excited to be taking part in this intimate signing from Southern Belle Book Blog, Typical Distractions blog and author Hilaria Alexander. Individually, these three are incredibly awesome in their own right, but combined they are the dream team and they’ve created an incredible reader-author experience for us all to enjoy.

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I’ve been sitting on a secret …

I have a confession to make. I’ve been sitting on a secret. Well, a few secrets actually … but this is one secret that I can FINALLY share with the world today!

SO GET EXCITED BECAUSE WE CAN ALL FINALLY TALK ABOUT BOOK + MAIN BITES!!! Read on to learn about this amazing, awesome and revolutionary new platform for bookworms! It will change the way you find your next book!

I’m part of a fantastic group of authors who were able to test a new and AMAZING platform called Book+Main Bites. It’s a place where romance readers can follow their favorite authors, discover new books and share their favorites! The site is content-based, which means no traditional teasers or sale graphics. It’s 100% content in the form of excerpts and bonus scenes.

Book+Main makes it easy to find what you want, the moment you want it. You can search my books and find other books in the same sub genre. Looking for something in particular? Single dad? MC? Just type it in and all the Bites available with that storyline will pop up! Love a Bite and want more? Easily buy the related book! You can also share your favorites with your friends or bookmark Bites to read later! Fall in love with the writing before you buy—DNFs are a thing of the past with Book+Main Bites.

The site goes live on November 8th, but you can pre-register TODAY!!!! So head on over and sign up so you can follow me and all of your favorite authors! And when you’re done, be sure to enter this Rafflecopter Giveaway!