Book+Main is LIVE!


Guess what!? Book+Main, the brand new playground for authors and readers, is finally LIVE! Head on over and start exploring all of the content we’ve been loading! Share it! Like it! Comment! Search for new books! Discover new authors! One-click new books!

With more than 120 founding authors to explore, you’re going to love finding your next book to devour. You can search by trope, by author, and a ton of other criteria.

But the best part? This is only the beginning. There are big things to come in the Book+Main world, so you want to make sure you’re on board early to experience all it has to offer!

OH!, and we’re having ourselves a lil’ Facebook Launch Party with loads of fun giveaways. So join in on the action.

So head on over here, setup your account if you haven’t already, and then be sure to follow me! I’ve got some super fun excerpts in the fold and I’ll be loading never before seen excerpts soon!Follow BL Berry at Book+Main!

A huge congratulations to Mila Grayson, the brainchild behind this innovative new platform! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this awesome adventure!

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