Before you read …

Next week, my fourth novel, Birthquake, releases. And there are a few things I want you, the reader, to know before you dive in …

Yes. It’s a rom-com. The hilarious shit show that is Henley and Jeff’s love story is truly one of a kind. With that said, this isn’t your typical rom-com. If you have a vagina, and especially if you’ve ever experienced or thought about carrying a human being all up in those lady parts (or consequently been carried around in a uterus for nine plus months), then I think this book will personally resonate with you on some pretty fantastic levels.

Many readers know and love me for my angst. And believe me, I looooooove delivering on the angst. But I want to set and manage expectations here … the angst factor in this book is negative thirty-kajillion. If you come into this expecting a Simon or a Sully, you’re going to be seriously disappointed when I deliver the adorable, crotchety old dude from Up. Be open-minded. Come in expecting to LAUGH and flip head over heels in LOVE. I think I’ve written the shit out of this hero. And I hope you think so, too.

And speaking of characters I’ve written the shit out of … you’re going to freakin’ love Tara. Everyone needs a Tara in their life. Everyone needs to be a Tara for a girlfriend. #BeATara

Tara was named after one of my favorite authors, Tara Sivec. Her Seduction And Snacks series hit me in all the greatest ways possible when I first read it way back when. I had the privilege of meeting her a few times and she is, hands down, one of the kindest and most sincere people out there. She’s also hysterical.

Readers have already asked me if I’m Henley or Tara. And the truth is … I’m both. Every last one of Henley’s fears was personally experienced by me down to her ridiculous, irrational reactions. And all of Tara’s quips and over the top one-liners? That’s how my best friends know me.

Just how much truth is written on these pages? Far more than I care to admit. Some are my truths. Some are the truths of friends. And some are grossly exaggerated in the name of comedic and creative license. But it was all done in the best interest of telling this hilarious and compelling story.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.

One more week to go! Until then, head on over to Goodreads and enter the Paperback Giveaway!


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