Twelve Things You Didn’t Know About Love Nouveau

It’s strange to think my debut came to fruition back in September 2014. There is so much of “me” woven throughout the pages of Love Nouveau, from Ivy’s snark to her keen appreciation for art. So I thought it’d be fun to share a few things about Love Nouveau that you may not have known!

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So You Want To Be A Beta Reader

The following article was posted last year on the Indie Chicks Rock website, but there is a lot of valuable information that it’s worth repeating here. So if you’re a casual reader who has ever wanted to be a beta reader for an author you love, spend some time checking this out!

One of the most crucial parts of the writing process comes with beta reading. For authors, it’s anxiety-ridden. For the reader it’s exciting to get to read an early draft of a manuscript. And when beta reading is done well, it can be a lot of work.

All of us Indie Chicks have had our fair share of awesome beta readers … and unfortunately some not some awesome ones, too. So we wanted to share some candid thoughts with you on beta best practices. Oh hell, that sounds so corporate … let’s try that again…

So we wanted to share some candid thoughts with you on how you can avoid being a crappy beta reader and become an author’s best friend. 😉 Because let’s be honest … if you beta our book and really help us out, we’ll be begging to work with you again.

That’s much better. Let’s begin, shall we?

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Before you read …

Next week, my fourth novel, Birthquake, releases. And there are a few things I want you, the reader, to know before you dive in …

Yes. It’s a rom-com. The hilarious shit show that is Henley and Jeff’s love story is truly one of a kind. With that said, this isn’t your typical rom-com. If you have a vagina, and especially if you’ve ever experienced or thought about carrying a human being all up in those lady parts (or consequently been carried around in a uterus for nine plus months), then I think this book will personally resonate with you on some pretty fantastic levels.

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