Things my Husband said that I wrote into Birthquake

Birthquake-PaperbackRenderHands down, one of my favorite books I’ve written is Birthquake. It’s the story of Henley and Jeff, a young couple who accidentally find themselves expecting a child. Let’s be honest … pregnancy and becoming a first-time parent is some heavy stuff. But it’s really freakin’ hilarious, too.

So much of this book was inspired by real-life events as my husband Mike and I welcomed our very own monster squad. In fact, many of Tara’s hilarious best friend moments came directly from my best friend — Mike. My husband is a pretty amazing man and an even more amazing father to our kids.

So to celebrate Mike in a fun (and different) way this Father’s Day, I want to share with you five direct quotes that were said by the love of my life while I was carrying his children.

And yes, all of these quotes found their way into Birthquake.

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Birthquake is now LIVE!!!

FBNowLiveGuess what!? Birthquake is LIVE!!! Pick it up today on Amazon or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

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Plus, you can read the prologue, including the hysterical “meet cute” between Jeff and Henley right now on my blog! I absolutely ADORE these characters and Jeff is so awkwardly charming.


Here’s what bloggers are saying about Birthquake …

“This book will make you laugh out loud and swoon. What more could you want?” – Meaghan, Love Infinity Book Blog

Birthquake might be a seismic rom-com, but it’s also laced with truths and poignancy, and it’s absolutely wonderful because of it.” – Beth, Panda & Boodle

“I truly wish I could attach my giggles and downright belly laughter recordings to my review for all to hear!” – Casey, Three Girls and a Book Obsession

“The fact that the book had me laughing one moment, and bringing back pleasant memories the next and just had me smiling is one of the BEST things I could say about this book. It was by far, one of the most riveting and pure fun rom-coms of the year!” – Marie, Marie’s Tempting Reads

“Rib-tickling romantic comedy which is like a breath of fresh air. I laughed my way through the book, highlighted like crazy and will INSIST that you read this extremely enjoyable book and laugh your pretty asses off!!” – Shabby, BookBistroBlog

Before you read …

Next week, my fourth novel, Birthquake, releases. And there are a few things I want you, the reader, to know before you dive in …

Yes. It’s a rom-com. The hilarious shit show that is Henley and Jeff’s love story is truly one of a kind. With that said, this isn’t your typical rom-com. If you have a vagina, and especially if you’ve ever experienced or thought about carrying a human being all up in those lady parts (or consequently been carried around in a uterus for nine plus months), then I think this book will personally resonate with you on some pretty fantastic levels.

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Teaser Tuesday: Birthquake Excerpt!

It’s been a while since I dropped anything about BIRTHQUAKE, so I figured I’d give a little teaser from my work in progress. This sucker is unedited, unrevised and unseen by anyone. So for all we know, it could end up on the cutting room floor (we shall see how it plays out!). And in a land, far, far away … my editor is cringing that I’m posting this … love you, JRH!

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